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Couch Game Crafters: Studio press kit



Couch Game Crafters

Based in

Lille, France

Founding date

January 1, 2018


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Couch Game Crafters is a french independent game studio made up of Alexandre Huyghe and Simon Brioul. These two indie creators decided to join forces to craft good old multiplayer games, made to bring friends together on a couch with food, drinks and game controllers.


Ok, it is kind of weird talking about us in the third person like this, but we thought it would be easier for you to copy and paste like.

Founded in early 2018, this indie studio is still young, with Toasterball, a multiplayer sport game with toasters, as its first official game.

Alex and Simon, the two founders of the studio, started making games together right after meeting each other in graphic design school. With interest for all kinds of creative outlets, including 3D, animation, programming and music, they started looking at video games as a way to actually turn their absurd ideas into real playable experiences.

"That's how most of our projects begin, with us sitting in a brainstorming session and trying our best to make each other laugh. At first, it's about pushing the idea as far as possible, one joke at a time. Then, when we strip all the excess away, if the core gameplay idea still stand, we know we have something we can spend months working on. It's often far from perfect at first, but at least it's new, and it's ours."
- Alex & Simon

I admit, the quote is a bit much, but it explains pretty well why we created the studio, so we kept it like that.